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Just a Map - this means the presentation of city maps using the simplest graphic elements. Roads and railway lines become lines, buildings and waters become areas. Nothing is highlighted in color, nothing further indicated. Anyone who knows the city will recognize them through their typical structures and discover a new perspective. Each city has its own, typical pattern that is highlighted in this way.
This pattern is supplemented only by the city name and geo-coordinates, which each designate a central square of the city.
With the city maps you can choose if you want to have it quite minimalistic and reduce the representation on streets and railway lines, or whether you focus exclusively on the buildings and waters. Those who prefer it completely, can choose the variant that displays both roads and railway lines, as well as buildings and waters.
If you like these "city map patterns" quite well, but you prefer wall decor a bit darker, you can look around in our category Just a Black Map.

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