ConceptStore - KlausUndSo

Marktstraße 2
99084 Erfurt

opening hours

Monday to Saturday
11 am - 6 pm
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our previous stations

Manufakturwarenladen | Paulstraße 15 in Erfurt | October 2018 to May 2019
KlausUndSo – Conceptstore | Weitergasse 20 in Erfut | November 2019 to March 2022
Plan B – PopUpStore | Krämerbrücke 30 in Erfurt | June 2021 to December 2021
KlausUndSo - ConceptStore | Marktstraße 2 in Erfurt | since March 2022

What started out small has since grown quite a bit. We can say that the stores and projects have always found us and not us the stores. Of course, we had in mind to do more with our sideline online business, which we founded in 2016, and we occasionally thought about opening our own shop. However, we have not worked strategically towards opening a store, nor have we actively looked for stores. Somehow that always happened or we were asked or invited. And that's why we've already moved three times.

Our first station in stationary retail was the manufactory store on Paulstrasse. There we were co-founders / subtenants. A really great way to test Erfurt. It quickly became too cramped here and we had clearly reached the limit of what was possible when we decided to end the Paulstrasse project. We left this location with a crying and a laughing eye.

In the meantime it was already October and we were concentrating on the Christmas business - online and offline. A variety of Christmas markets were planned. Suddenly we were nudged onto a beautiful shop on Weitergasse. We opened a new shop without further consideration. What was initially only conceived as a pop-up store for Christmas still exists today. Despite the difficult ongoing pandemic, it has undergone a significant transformation and has now grown into an arts, crafts and design concept store.